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REMAR PETROLEUM Steps Into New International Bitumen Production and Distribution Cooperation.

REMAR PETROLEUM in cooperation with the primary international bitumen production plants is now able to ensure a constant supply and stable quality of the product, as required by the market. The production is settled today at 400 million barrels per year for various bituminous products. The bitumen is guaranteed and tested each month by the leading competent organs.

REMAR PETROLEUM has already initiated important trade agreements with major dealers of the international bitumen market and the product will be exported to different countries holding the required necessary certifications.

Mr. Manuel Ros, President & CEO of REMAR PETROLEUM, defined this operation as strategic for REMAR HOLDING, since the product distribution comes directly from the producer to the final consumer, it will bring substantial financial benefits, giving REMAR PETROLEUM the possibility to broaden its customers base and start a closer collaboration with the end users, as well as to improve the product application quality and typology following closely the market usage requirements.

Mr. Manuel Ros believes there are wide commercial opportunities for a quality product that will be marketed according to each country requirements as well as the utilization purpose. After careful analysis, Mr. Manuel Ros noted that in recent years, bitumen became a strategic product for emerging countries that are building efficient and enduring infrastructure. The basic product must have the characteristics adaptable to different climates, permitting not only to maintain a good works standing, but also the maintenance and various renovations adaptable to each type of request.

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