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REMAR PETROLEUM has a desirable reputation as a reliable supplier of energy to the world, with our unrivaled upstream oil operations and resources at the core.


We are a globally respected energy enterprise that does well by multiple measures. We are also one of the leaders with sizable spare crude oil capacity, which plays a critical role in helping to stabilize markets and reduce volatility. REMAR PETROLEUM’s ability to make up for production shortfalls elsewhere around the world has been repeatedly proven over the years.


This puts us in good stead to meet the ever-growing energy needs of the future. The International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook projects an increase in world energy demand of 40% by 2030, sources dominated by fossil fuels and oil remaining the single largest fuel in that energy mix.


Our unwavering focus on operational excellence is based on the three pillars of technology, teamwork and talent. This allows REMAR PETROLEUM to face the prospect of this challenge with the highest level of confidence.

Year after year, new technologies help us add new proven reserves of hydrocarbons as we continue world-scale production. On average, REMAR PETROLEUM identifies new proven reserves each year, equivalent to the amount of crude oil produced.


We expect to be able to maintain this pattern for several decades, despite projected increases in demand and production. Whenever global markets have called, REMAR PETROLEUM have delivered. We remain steadfast in our commitment to consistently provide a reliable supply of petroleum and petroleum products to communities and consumers around the world.




  • D2, Gasoil L0, 2-62, GOST 305-82

  • Gasoil PPM 10

  • JP54, Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54

  • LPG

  • Propane

  • Butane

  • Light Crude Oil

  • Heavy Crude Oil

  • Bitumen

  • Gasoline 95/98 European Standard

  • Gasoline Without Alcohol

  • Copper

  • Gold 999/9



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