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REMAR PETROLEUM is building a world-class Exploration and Production (E&P) business based on strong partnerships, a commitment to growth and an organization demonstrating its ever-increasing abilities.

We were established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of REMAR GROUP Company, incorporating and building on the success of REMAR GROUP’s existing investments in the sector.

The transformation to a subsidiary business reflected the scale, operational maturity and diversity of the portfolio we manage, which includes assets and operations at all stages of the upstream value chain located across the eastern hemisphere. We continue to grow, combining significant operational experience with substantial technical expertise.

These qualities build on our strong commercial acumen and the partnership-driven approach that have been central to our business from the onset. We participate in a number of major inclusive of enhanced oil recovery projects in EUROPE, U.S.A and U.A.E, high impact exploration with most recent success in Malaysia and projects including the world-class Gas Project; a project central to meeting the energy needs.

In Southeast Asia, the company acts as an operator across an extensive range of assets located in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. In the Gulf of Thailand, we have developed a strong track record of safe, efficient and cost-effective production operations, and are currently in the process of bringing forward several new developments.

We have utilized the operating experience from Southeast Asia across our entire business and now function as a fully integrated organization, deploying our resources where they can add the most value.

Lasting partnerships built with host governments, national and international oil and gas companies and the communities in which we operate are central to our success. We have become an increasingly active partner in all of our projects, including those where we are not the operator. By taking a long-term view, we maximize the value of our investments to the benefit of our business, our investors and our business partners.


The success is partially a result of our incredibly diverse team, with employees drawn from over 30 different countries offering a wide variety of experience in national, independent and international oil and gas companies.

Our business and operations are driven by major E&P industry-recognized leaders and professionals whose reputation is built on their expertise and achievements within the global E&P sector.


For them, REMAR PETROLEUM is a place where they can apply their skills and innovative spirit to pursue new challenges and approaches, providing leadership to the next generation of industry leaders. We are developing and mentoring early-career professionals and giving them responsibility and opportunities to immediately contribute to and influence business outcomes.

The executive leadership team of REMAR PETROLEUM possesses extensive international experience across a wide range of technical and commercial areas, guiding the business to sustainable growth and providing superior returns for our stakeholders.

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