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The continuous improvement of our health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) performance is a high priority for us and remains a prime responsibility for management and employees at all levels.  We foster a culture that encourages collective and personal responsibility, alignment with our policies and goals. Our commitment to HSSE is to provide resources at all levels, ensuring policies and procedures are executed in the correct manner.

Effective application of our HSSE management processes results in enhanced business performance, reduction of risk exposure and ultimately provides a safer working environment for everyone associated with our operations. The close working relationships we enjoy with our contractors and partners include collaboration to ensure our high HSSE standards are achieved and sustained.

Over the last ­five years, our business delivered exceptional HSSE performances and achieved injury rates consistently better than the industry average, as benchmarked by the OGP (International Association of Oil  & Gas Producers). 

Our business is an excellent example of the results delivered by our HSSE culture and policy. In addition to its operations that fulfill and often exceed in a number of local and international industry standards, the strength of our safety and environmental policies and practices is recognized by our several partners. 

It is vital that our facilities are properly designed, constructed, operated and maintained throughout the life cycle of the project. To achieve this, we have implemented an asset integrity management program on all of our operated sites and projects. 

This program aims to ensure the technical integrity of our facilities including processing systems, pipelines and platform structures and ultimately reduce the risk of loss of containment and major incidents.


We have a long-term outlook for investment in both assets and people and are committed to developing both for the future.  But we are also passionate about performance and growth, delivering an ambitious vision to emerge over time as the leading upstream E&P Company worldwide. 


Our business and operations are driven by a core of industry-recognized leaders and professionals whose reputation is built on their expertise and achievements in the global E&P sector. Their success has been based on an innovative spirit to pursue new challenges and approaches, growing the next generation of industry leaders. 


Likewise, in each country, we are stretching industry professionals of all disciplines, developing and mentoring early-career professionals and giving them responsibility and opportunities to immediately contribute and influence business outcomes.

It goes without saying that we offer a competitive package. We are excited about what we have built and believe there is so much more to come, with a range of promising projects and opportunities to deliver sustainable growth and success.

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