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REMAR PETROLEUM is investing in the future, both in terms of our portfolio and our people. 

We are doing this from a strong base. From our beginning as the Gas Project catalysts, through the incorporation of leading partners into our organization and to the new fully-fledged exploration and production business we have become, we have been continuously growing our abilities and investing in value-adding assets.

Our challenge is to now build on that legacy and use the very distinctive position we hold in the market as a truly international, nationally-owned oil and gas company. We want to deliver our aspiration to become recognized as a leading international exploration and production company.

To grow our working interest production, which reached more than 46 million barrels of oil equivalent per annum in 2013, we have had a number of operated developments in progress. 

Meantime, through 2014, our key producing asset continued its strong performance, producing gas in September and continuing the project to reinforce the export compression facilities.  

In November 2015, we recorded 50 million barrels of oil production. We enjoyed signi­ficant exploration success with three new gas discoveries through our drilling program and are moving forward to defi­ne commercialization and development strategies.


We will continue to seek value-adding opportunities to fulfill our ambitious growth plans. Most importantly, our excellent safety performance has been maintained through a very busy period of construction and drilling activity.


The strength of our partnerships is demonstrated through host governments, international and national oil company partners and the communities in which we operate. The strong support we receive from our owners, REMAR GROUP Company and its sole shareholder, FINVEST HOLDING PLC, brings not just a solid fi­nancial foundation but also strong relationships, vital to a strategic sector such as oil and gas.


Last but not least, our strength lies in our people. We have an incredible blend of experienced industry professionals working alongside talented national staff. While diverse in terms of nationality and background, all share a common purpose, passion and performance-driven culture with a belief in delivering our shared goals. We will continue to build and develop our team. In focusing on our strengths and embracing both the traditional and innovative solutions that have brought us success, REMAR PETROLEUM remains committed to delivering exceptional value from the assets and partnerships in which we have invested. 


REMAR GROUP recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with the communities in which we operate. We are committed to playing a responsible role and contributing to long-term, sustainable improvements in those communities.

To deliver effectively against our commitments, we take an organized and consistent approach based on good industry practice, integrity and transparency. In ful­filling this commitment, we communicate openly to ensure that local stakeholders understand the nature of our operations and have an opportunity to raise and any concerns.

We also work in partnership with local stakeholders including local authorities, community groups and/or NGOs to understand the needs of local communities to allow us to implement community investment projects and programs.

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